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The 2011 Tunnel Excavations

01 Trench 7786 and 7886: The tunnel in 2011




In the 2010 excavation season a start was made with the clearing of the tunnel entrance. This entrance was known by the villagers who as child had climbed into it and were speaking of a long tunnel and side rooms. A small and unclear photo was published in the 1980’s.

In the year 2010 the first 11 remaining top steps were recovered. They are irregular steps of various width and height, but can be easily walked on. The broken open vault allowed an easy transportation of the excavated soil and a fresh, but sunny work environment.


01 Trench 7786 and 7886: The tunnel in 2011
02 Measuring inside the tunnel
03 Security
04 Starting situation
05 Strategy
06 The finds
07 The situation so far
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