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7786 - Final report 2011


This trench was partly excavated in 2009 and 2010. The southern half was worked in to get access to the tunnel entrance. Although most of this tunnel entrance is located in the neighbouring trench 7785 a circa 5 meter wide strip was dug along its northern border.

The main features found in this area were the top of the tunnels stone vault and the start of the side walls in the construction trench. What seemed half over it runs a short but wide wall locus:7786:015 which ended in a stony area; a kind of triangular shaped field of small stones locus:7786:002 .

The 2011 excavation concentrated in the northern half of this trench. The results are as follows: 


Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V
Phase VI
Phase VII
Phase VIII
Reports 2011
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