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Baulk - End report 2014

1 Introduction

Toke Hansen, 3rd of July – 27th of August 2014
Initially I should have been working in the tunnel as an assistant, from the 3rd of July until the feast of Bayram, and the trenches on the surface would be opened. But the tunnel was not opened in this campaign, due to safety issues and the lack of useful methods of securing the workers in the last part of the tunnel. 
Since the initial plan could not be completed. I chose to help and work as an assistant to anthropologist  Ph.d. student Kathryn Marklein. This was a partnership that we both gained from: I got a lot of experience with defining, recognizing, sorting and describing bones, while she processed a larger amount of bones than she otherwise would have.
When the rest of the excavation team arrived. I was assigned as trench master for the “trench” that is the baulk and connected features between 7585, 7586, 7685, 7686 + the SW corner of 7786. Additionally we also worked in the “square room” in 7686.


1 Introduction
2 The baulk
3 The Working process
3.1 Objectives
3.2 Challenges
3.3 Conclusion to work process
4 Structures
4.1 Pits
4.2 Walls
4.3 Graves
4.4 Pavement
5 Finds
6. Evaluation
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